Penn President Amy Gutmann performed the popular anthem “Fuck Donald Trump” last night during a study break hosted at her house.

The performance followed a string of statements critical of the Trump administration, including a speech on College Green last week, where Gutmann called President Trump’s executive order on immigration “injurious to our work.”

Students at the study break were thrown off by the surprise rendition. Jane Newberg (C '19) said, “I honestly couldn’t believe it. There we were, eating hummus and carrot sticks and trying to get selfies with Amy G, and all of a sudden she just busts out a mic and starts rapping.”

Others were merely struck by the ferocity—and quality—of Gutmann’s performance. Marcus Robbins (C '20) said, “I’ve literally never seen someone rap like that. She was so intense, it was crazy. Shouting, fist pumping, jumping up and down—it was nuts.”

Robbins added that Gutmann tried to get the students present to rap along with her, with varying degrees of success. “She was just so into it, it was like, a little scary. We wanted to sing along, but she got pretty intense."

Street reached out to Gutmann for comment, and she responded with a list of upcoming events she plans to host, which include a protest against the existence of Wharton in light of President Trump’s graduation from the school, and a possible removal of the sorority Kappa Alpha Theta from the campus, to send a clear message to Trump’s daughter, Tiffany.


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