Proudly announce that you’ve deleted Uber off of your phone.

How else will that cute guy from Econ know you put your money where your mouth is (kind of)?

Share a Robert Reich post on your profile, even if you didn’t read the whole thing.

That’ll show Rachel from summer camp you KNOW the issues(ish).

Post the Bad Lip Reading video of the Inauguration.

But make sure you write a caption along the lines of, “I wouldn’t be surprised if this ACTUALLY was what they said lol,” so Mark from middle school knows you’re jaded and subversive.

Post the receipt of your donation to the ACLU on Instagram.

That way Marcia knows you’re dedicated AND rich!

Share a think piece written by a white guy and caption it “THIS.”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve read it, as long as Katie saw it and thought you were woke.

Like every single post ever posted on Pantsuit Nation.

Who cares if the narratives are one–sided if Uncle Tyler thinks you’re super progressive?

Make absolutely everything about you somehow.



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