Album Review: "Vibes!”—Theophilus London

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It seems like Theophilus London has been on the brink of stardom for years now. His latest album “Vibes!” has its moments but falls victim to the same mistake that much of his earlier work did—the style overshadows the actual substance. Tracks like “Water Me” and “Heartbreaker” showcase his talent for making intelligent, catchy music, but the album gets dragged down by the unpleasant “Do Girls” and the half–baked island jam “Smoke Dancehall.” The features are solid throughout, especially Kanye West and Dev Hynes (of Blood Orange), and the album isn’t unlistenable at any moment. Still, while London clearly has the talent to put out some great stuff (see “Big Spender” from his last mixtape), he needs to sharpen his execution to separate himself from his contemporaries.

Grade: C+

Download: “Figure It Out”

Sounds best when: Going back to Pottruck for the first time in a long time

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