Hidden deep in Old City is a narrow space, its brick walls illuminated by the dull glow of warm light. Wister BYOB toes the line between casual and hip: whether you’re dressing up or down, it’s a spot you can hit when you’re in the mood to go out. The wooden tables and chairs give the place a folksy feel, while the brick rings of Bostonian influence. Chef Benjamin Moore leads the kitchen after years as Lacroix sous chef. The seasonal menu keeps it simple, featuring seven options for each of two courses plus dessert. 

The seared diver scallops melt in your mouth, and paired with a scallop crepe filled with clam risotto, the creamy texture makes the light dish quite filling. Drizzled with a citrus beurre blanc and summer truffle, the scallop dish will leave flavors lingering in your dreams. For seafood skeptics, the falafel is a satiating, albeit less inventive starter option. The NY strip steak is a heaping portion, served with smoked potato, crispy brussels sprouts, and shishito peppers. The steak is tender and flavorful, and the smooth texture contrasts well with the crunchiness of the sprouts. For dessert, the nutty buddy is a decadent conglomerate of chocolate peanut ganache, caramel, and Franklin Fountain chocolate—ideal for chocolate enthusiasts. At a reasonable price point, Wister BYOB is an excellent place to bring your own bottle or simply focus on indulging in the culinary genius. 



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