One of the greatest parts about being a student is the goodies that come with a .edu email and a student ID: student discounts. Street has rounded up some of the best student discounts. They require no effort on your behalf,  but have a huge payout (literally). 

The Basics 

If you haven't heard about Unidays, we're about to rock your world. You can log into the site with your Penn email and access student discounts at hundreds of stores. Some highlights include ASOS, Hello Fresh, and Apple Music, but there are so many that it's hard to choose. 


Spotify and Hulu just recently teamed in an epic millennial merger. If you use your student discount ($4.99 per month) for Spotify premium, you also have a Hulu account. It's all your entertainment dreams come true. 


Many eateries on campus have student discounts, and those that don’t have discounts have awesome student perks instead. At Chipotle and Chick–Fil–A, you can get a free drink with your student ID. At New Delhi, you can flash your student ID for a discount on their Indian buffet. One of our favorite on–campus places to eat, the Penn Museum, offers student discounts on their lunches. On Mondays, you can get half a sandwich, a salad and a soup plus a drink for around $7. It's a win–win since you can check out some cool exhibits while you digest, with the free access provided by your PennCard. 


Students also can get discounts at some group fitness classes around the city. Barr3 offers a 20% discount for students. Flywheel also offers students a discount, as well as RippedPHL. There are also tons of free yoga classes offered around the city, both to students and non–students. One of our favorite workout groups is November Project, which is a free (!) running and workout club that meets most Wednesday and Friday mornings around the city.

Armed with these deals, you can start making back the money that you had to spend on those new semester textbooks! Stay thrifty, my friends.


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