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Daniela & Franco

Met: A friend introduced the two quickly on Locust, but the pair got close at a conference hosted by one of Penn’s Christian groups. They started hanging out the following winter break in New Jersey. Engaged: In September 2014, but they talked about if for a while beforehand, so their parents were less than shocked. A little more: He was a senior when they met, and she thought that he wasn't looking for a relationship at all—surprise!

Erica & Jamie

Met: At a Penn Summer Program before Erica’s freshman year. He was her Graduate Advisor, but the two waited to date until after the program. Engaged: In front of the Button. She’s since forgotten how she responded. Friend tells her that she said, “absolutely.” A little more: Their first date was in front of McClelland. They had a cupcake tasting.

Joanna & Blake

Met: At a Penn Preview day when Joanna was visiting campus. Engaged: Last spring, after Blake graduated. A little more: When Blake was abroad, the couple Facebook chatted mostly about her joining Kite and Key, of which he was a member. He likes to say they "online dated.” Joanna disagrees.

Shosh & Yaron

Met: At summer camp when they were 10 and 11. They’ve been friends ever since. Engaged: Yaron set up an elaborate scavenger hunt all over Israel during Shosh’s year abroad. It all started in Haifa, and ended with a “yes” over dinner at a friend's house. A little more: Shosh loves the ring Yaron picked out, but he thinks she’s lying.

Yuki & Richard

Met: At Penn Preview Weekend, though Yuki was dating someone else the summer

before she came to Penn. Engaged: In her words: “I thoughtwe’d just be friends, but it moved pretty quickly.”

A little more: She calls it love at first sight.

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