Springbreak by the numbers

With 9 questions and 14 victims, Street finds out the figures behind your Springbreak '15. Averages 39.07% of time spent drunk 0.31 hookups 5.50 new friends 6.07 lbs of guacamole eaten 33.77 shots taken 0.38 body shots taken 3.29 swim attire bought Credit: Michelle Levy and Kyle Bryce-Borthwick Sound: Sound Remedy - We Are the Dream (Urban Contact Remix)

Dining Guide Preview

Hippot Shabu Shabu Le Chéri Thai Singha Soundtrack: Fingers in the Noise - Elixir

On Downtowns

Tiffany Valentiny '15 questions Penn on their Downtown habits. What we've learned: 89.9% of respondents frequent downtowns (With one alumnus) Rumor, Whisper (when it was around) are the popular venues. People don't like talking about hosts on the record. Median cost of a downtown: $65 (Boys higher, girls lower) 0.67 dancefloor make-outs 'difmos' reported per downtown. Late nights are common way to end the night, with 73.6% responding. Video Produced by Kyle Bryce-Borthwick Music: Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix) [noncommercial use]


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Street Tries OCR

We appreciate your interest in the Magazine. Street was very impressed with your drive and experiences. Unfortunately, we had a very competitive applicant pool this year. We regret to inform you that we will not be proceeding with your application further. We wish you every success. Street knows our readers love us. That's why we decided to interview some people we found on Locust for our Generalist Program. Here's what happened.

Your Year in Music

EOTW Andres Martinez

This bilingual Bloody Mary took a break from his time on stage to show us the Andres beneath his mask and wig. He may not eat carbs or milkshakes, but he still had plenty of energy to entertain us.

Meet the Penn Musician: Ben Gendelman

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