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Love in a Hurry: Five Short Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Leave some time for real–life romance.

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LSD and the CIA: New Netflix Series ‘Wormwood’ Investigates the Suicide Experiment

The documentary series questions one of the biggest cover–ups revealed by the Rockefeller Commission. 


How to Make an Oscar–Winning Film

What constitutes Oscar bait?


Penn Students vs. Woody Harrelson: A Q&A Session

Harrelson visited Penn this past weekend to discuss acting, weed, and his directorial debut.


‘Lost in London’: Woody Harrelson Discusses His Directorial Debut with Street

How “one of the top five worst nights” of his life turned into a full–length live–film. 


Thor: Ragnarok Makes Marvel’s Moneymaking Method Likable

Same ingredients, better display. 


10Below’s Rolled Ice Cream Is a Perfect Ten

  10Below’s rolled ice cream is so good you’ll forget you’re in the US.  


The Horror of the College Campus in Happy Death Day

A movie that’s terrifying for all the wrong reasons. 


The Making of a Hero: Stronger

The Boston Marathon bombing drama updates the definition of a biopic. 


All Eyes on Toronto: Why TIFF Dictates the Awards Season

Start placing your Oscar bets now. 


Do Movies Change the Way We Party?

Our parents should be proud.

What’s the Deal with Celebrity Cameos?

That Game of Thrones soldier's voice was suspiciously great.

Street Book Club: A Wild Sheep Chase

Book: A Wild Sheep Chase (1982) by Haruki Murakami

Recommended by: Cătălina Drăgoi

Genre: Magical realism

Synopsis that won’t give away the plot: While not necessarily one of the first works that come to mind when thinking of Haruki Murakami, his third novel is arguably the most famous in the “Trilogy of the Rat”. The plot of this relatively short book—approximately 300 pages, depending on which publisher you choose—is rather simple.

House of Cards’ Season Five is Scarily Accurate

House of Cards is known to the public as one of the shows that made bingeing easy.

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