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From the West Bank to West Philadelphia

“So, what do you do on campus?” That question should be easy to answer, but for students involved in politically controversial groups, it’s not so simple.

Lowbrow's Weekly Links: 4.6.2014

It's been a great week at Street, from our fashion guide to the money issue, and it's been a great week full of funny stuff on the internet too.

How Sceney Are You?

Sceney: an adjective used to describe a certain lifestyle among Penn students. If you have to ask what it is, you might as well quit now, but go ahead and take this quiz to find out. We can tell you one thing, though: it’s about as far as you can get from “Selena Gomez and The Scene.”

Funny Women You Should Know

These ludicrous ladies are on their way to becoming household names. Just please don’t say they’re “the next Tina Fey.”

Miel brings Paris pastries to Rittenhouse

I'll take you to the pastry shop

An Inside Look at Aldi

Investigating Trader Joe's bad boy little bro.

Guilty Pleasure: Pottruck's Playlist

Forget the haters, because somebody loves ya, Pottruck.
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