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Independent Filmmakers at Penn: Justin Lee, Ari Lewis, and Mary Osunlana

Three student–filmmakers discuss the origins of their passion and their future plans.

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The Politics of ‘Black Panther’: A Revolution in Color

A review of the film with thoughts from Africana professor Salamishah Tillet.

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Songs That Made the Movies: Cinema's Most Famous Soundtracks

Sometimes, two hours are best understood in under three minutes. 

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Action Movies to Watch on V–Day to Forget You're Alone

Roses are red, violets are blue, put these in your ex's Netflix queue. 

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Classic Romantic Movies That Prove Love is Dumb

When you have no one to embrace, embrace cynicism. 

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‘Grown–ish’ Almost Gets College Life Right

Almost, because our dorms were never that cute.


Women of Hollywood Come Out Against Unequal Pay

Time’s Up on waiting for change.


The Kids Are Alright: Reviewing Marvel's New TV Shows

Superhumans hit the small screen with vengeance.

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Ranking Netflix’s New Releases

What’s binge–able this February?

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Through the Ages: TV's Most Iconic Leading Ladies

These are the women who first said #TimesUp

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Web Series You’re Almost Cool Enough to Watch Ironically: Black Girl in a Big Dress

Black and Ultra Bougie: Some Black Girls Wear Petticoats, Too

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