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D’JaGirls Go To D’Jakarta

Live fast, die young, bad D’JaGirls do it well.

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Why Penn's new social event policies have infuriated students and raised the cost of partying

Penn convened a task force last year in part to combat sexual violence. So how did that lead to $90/hr parties?

Penn 10: Gautam Nagaraj

Gautam Nagaraj thinks we can colonize the moon. Read more about one of Penn's biggest aerospace enthusiasts.

Here and Queer

Alec Josiah (C’17) grew up in Tennessee, with a very specific idea of what fraternities should be.

The Best Bar Grub

Because isn't every bar crawl better with food?

'Paterson' is Cool, Calm, and Almost Flawless

Paterson lives in Paterson. He drives a city bus five days a week for a living, lives in a sweetly humble home with a tilted mailbox that he fixes upon coming home from work daily.

Student Documentary Tackles Jewish Matchmaking in the Digital Age

In case you were wondering what a shadchan is.

Four Hours of The Decalogue at PFF

A sampling of the titanic classic.

UME's Entertainment Alum Homecoming

Three graduated Quakers open up about their experience in entertainment and media.

Moonlight at the Philadelphia Film Festival

Hop on the hype machine.

Preview of Philadelphia Film Festival 25

We're pretty excited.

Quaker Alum Gavin O'Connor's Dishes on His Newest Film 'The Accountant'

The newest cinematic offering from one of Penn's very own.

Adam Ruins Philadelphia

But you already knew the election was a goddamn mess.

Street Alum Alan Sepinwall and His New Book on TV Canon

A former Managing Editor doin' some really big things.

The Weight of a Grade

Finding the Meaning in GPAs.

Street Talks: Noam Osband

A close look at Street's conversation with one of Penn's most innovative grad students

'The Radical Jew': Examining Right-Wing Extremism

A short film by Penn's very own grad–student–cinematographer.

Stranger Things: A Strange Thing

It's time to unpack the hype.

What to Netflix in September

Life is all about the ebb and flow, and nothing exemplifies this better than Netflix's seasonal recalibrations of their streaming options.

PFS Presents: Movies On The Block

The Philadelphia Film Society brings independent film and Penn students together.

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