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Hip-hop Needs More Artists Like Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is exemplary as both a rapper and role model.

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Listen to This: 'Atlanta' Soundtrack Highlights

Get hyped for Atlanta season two, premiering March 1.

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Uplifting Hip–Hop Songs to Boost Your Self–Confidence

Look no further if you need a little self–esteem boost after bombing that midterm.


Revisiting 2017's XXL Freshman Class

Are the artists talented enough for superstardom? 


How Kygo’s Stagnation Reflects a Troubling Trend in Popular EDM

Creativity among many popular EDM artists seems to be on the decline.


How UK's Warp Records Established its Trademark Sound

Who says there can only be evil record companies?

Pats vs Eagles - Super Bowl LII

Street's Super Bowl Pregame Playlist

Just cause you're from Philly doesn't mean you can't jam to "I'm Shipping up to Boston"

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British R&B Singer Mahalia’s Career Is Just Getting Started

A look into the talented songwriter's discography.

isley brothers

The Isley Brothers' Impact on Sampling Today

Do hip–hop fans sufficiently appreciate the influence of the Isley Brothers?

LCD Soundsystem

And The Album Of The Year Is...

Move over, Grammys. Street Beats present to you nominations for Album of the Year.


A Deeper Dive into Big Shaq's "Man's Not Hot"

The meme–worthy UK rap parody is more than a mindless chart–topping hit


Chronixx Offers a New, Appealing Energy to Reggae

There's a new wave of artists changing the face of the genre dominated by Bob Marley.


You Have To Listen To This: Higher Brothers

China's hottest rap group has found a way to go viral in a country with ultra–censored internet content.


Music To Help You Enjoy The Last Few Weeks of Warm Weather

Starbucks pushing pumpkin spice lattes does not mean the warmth of summer has to end.

Moon Boots–First Landing

(Review) First Landing by Moon Boots

Pete Dougherty’s debut album serves as a ten–track monument to jaunty disco and breezy electronic rhythms.


Kaytranada: Hip–Hop's Most Unique (and Under–Appreciated) Producer

So good he doesn't need a producer tag


Point/Counterpoint: Spotify vs. Apple Music

The Spotify/Apple Music debate may or may not have torn Street music writers apart

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