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John Waters Graces Penn With His Presence

Wise words and travel sized packets of anal bleach from the Pope of Trash.


John Waters is Coming to Penn

Kicking off the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation with the King of Bad Taste.


Mindfulness At the Museum

Why some museums around Philly are starting to host yoga and meditation classes.


Exploring the Beauty and Science of the Brain at the Franklin Institute

Penn–affiliated researchers visualize the beauty behind the science of the brain.

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Looking Back at Penn's Involvement in WWI

"Life During Wartime" document's Penn on campus and abroad almost 100 years ago.

CatherineLiang_WomenDirectorNominatedForOscar (1).jpg

3 Female Artists That Should Be Household Names

As Women's History Month comes to a close, take some time to appreciate these female artists. 


The Difficulty of Affording Art Museums on a College Budget

Recent increases in museum admission fees might be indicative of a larger issue.


Everything Wrong with the Frida Kahlo Barbie

Why the “Inspiring Women” series is not so inspiring 

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Why I Appreciate Reading Poetry in the Springtime

Whip out that poetry book outside Frontera.


Behind the Gates: Examining the Quad's Architectural History

Beauty and history come at a cost.


Hidden Gems of the PMA

An inside look at the lesser known but equally outstanding paintings at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Club Spotlight: The Family Behind Penn Band

They're basically student athletes AND musicians. 


Michelangelo at the Met

If Michelangelo went to Penn, he would have a major case of Penn Face. 


How 'Call Me by Your Name' Portrays Art Cinematically

Don't miss the Van Gogh or Cézanne in the movie. 


Re–Finding Romance in Art History’s Famous Kisses

Forget the noncommittal culture of Penn with these portraits of true love.

Anteater Sculpture

Collecting Art as a College Student: Why You Should Do It Too

It's not hoarding if you don't call it hoarding.

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Meet Jenn Tran: The Next Shepard Fairey on Wall Street

She's "sticker–bombed" the city and is painting a mural in Brooklyn later this year.


Six Artsy Places to Hydrate During Midterm Season

For your caffeine and alcohol needs this midterm season

Arts - premed fnar (1.28.18).png

Pre–med Visual Studies Majors: Crossing Preprofessionalism and Fine Arts

Who would have thought that the person cutting into your stomach could actually draw your stomach? 

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