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Understanding Art at the Perry World House

How the Perry World House art reflects the building's function. 


Public Programming Brings Education Into the ICA

An inside look at this year's Free For All event.


So What Exactly is Holi?

The only socially acceptable time of the year to dump colored powder on your friends. 


Uncovering Sam Maitin's 'Celebration' Mural in Annenberg

Learn about the famous Penn alum behind this underappreciated artwork.


SPEC Art Collective Presents: "Art in Translation"

An exhibit bridging together the past and present through art.


Arts in the High Rises: Residential Programs to Fulfill Your Creative Energies

Here's one reason to live in the high rises.

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Art at Penn vs. Art at an Art School

Our pre–professional setting is actually conducive to the creation of art.


Going Abroad and its Impact on Art Students

How a place can define one's art.

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Club Spotlight: Penn Art Club Makes Art Accessible to All Students

A place for all your creative needs. 


Everything You Need to Know About "LIVE at the Writers House"

The Kelly Writer's House harnesses the power of the spoken word in their hour–long broadcasts.


Meet Faith Cho: Photographer of Feelings, Not Things

Housemoshi says hello and welcome. 


Emotive Space: How Museum Exhibitions Recreate Reality by Design

How the PMA and other exhibitions manipulate space.


Behind the LOVE Statue

So much more than a tourist spot.


Benjamin Franklin Parkway: The History of Philly's Arts and Culture Epicenter

Examining the changing face of one of Philly's most famed byways.

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