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Review: ‘The Death of Stalin’ Revisits History with Dark Humor

Hilarious and timely, the film strikes satirical gold without losing touch of its source material.

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Films to Help You Pass Your Finals

Why study when you can watch a movie instead?

Lego Tory Story

Five Movies to Throw it Back to Middle School

In light of this year’s Fling headliners, there’s no shortage of nostalgia to go around.


Preparing for 'Westworld' Season Two

Spoiler warning: what should fans expect from the next chapter of this sci–fi Western?

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My Film Bucket List: Where Do I Start?

Between hundreds of Movies You Have To See lists, choosing what is worth watching can be difficult. 

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Do Movies Make Learning Easier?

You don’t have to be in film studies to learn from cinema.

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How Did Political Correctness Change Comedy?

You could never make anything like 'Scary Movie' today. 


Quit While You’re Ahead: A Look at Movie Sequels

Could a 'Call Me by Your Name' sequel ever match up to its predecessor? Does any sequel?


Netflix's ‘American Vandal’ is Everything a Mockumentary Should Be

The Netflix true crime satire turns a ridiculous premise into a surprisingly engaging show.

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A Rundown of Netflix’s March Additions

Prepare for premiering and returning Netflix originals, feature films, and documentaries.


‘The End of the F***ing World’ and the Art of Black Comedy

This bite–sized Netflix series takes on a tricky genre with humor and heart.

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When Unconventional Filmmaking Works

Taking risks in production can elevate a movie beyond a simple gimmick. 


'American Crime Story' gets a Makeover

'The Assassination of Gianni Versace' is another great addition to Ryan Murphy’s television empire.

Five Historical Dramas to See Before Black History Month Ends

These acclaimed films shine a light on African–American history, revisiting the narratives we know.

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'High Maintenance' and the Making of a Neighborhood

This HBO miniseries takes the whirlwind of NYC and makes it (somehow) friendly. 


Why Film is the Most Relatable of Content

Sometimes, understanding feelings requires more than 280 characters.


The Movie Wasn’t as Good as the Book

We never expect film adaptations to size up to their source material, but what helps them come close?


The Fall of the Teen Drama

Most young adult shows don't accurately portray the lives of young people.

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Do Blockbusters Actually Suck?

Big budget doesn't always mean big letdown.

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Oscars Firsts: Celebrating Women Behind the Camera

Is The Academy trying to close Hollywood’s gender gap?

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