Street breaks it down with rapper and finance major Steve "Witz" Markowitz, of Hoodie Allen.

Street: As a self-proclaimed Jewish rapper, how much does the Torah influence your work? The Talmud? Steve Markowitz: I bring up front that I’m a Jewish rapper, and I’m proud of it. I like to talk about bagels and hiding the Afikomen. But overall I keep the music in a New York Jew style rather than talking about adventures with Aaron and Moses.

Street: Would you consider including the shofar in any of your beats? SM: Oh yeah, I think the shofar would be a good instrument. A song like “Stylin’ with the Shofar,” it’d be a new fresh hit for the Israeli youth. I think they’d dig it.

Street: Why should we come to your shows? SM: You should come to my shows because they’re the most revolutionary experience known to man. If you were at Spring Fling last year, you would know that not only did you get to experience great rhythm stylings and a good old time, you also probably got free bagels that I threw into the crowd. High energy, poppy seed bagels.

Street: How do you think your Penn degree will help you in the rap world? SM: Um. Zero percent, not at all.

Street: In the tradition of rap, what gang do you associate yourself with and who are you currently “beefing” with? SM: Well, I think I could add a new dimension to the Latin Kings. I like wearing gold. They’d welcome me with open arms. I guess I’m beefing with Penn Security ’cause I don’t want the man holding me down.

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