Our new BFF Lizzy Bear has a really cute kid, but not shockingly this doesn’t make us hate her less. A gun lobbyist happens to be dropping his kid off at the same time, and he hates the President’s new gun control bill, which has been taken to the Supreme Court. Rosen pulls out a win thanks to a weird “let’s ignore the Constitution” argument and his top–secret blackmail files. All the while, Mr. Prez likes to hate on “these gun people” that just happened to pay for his campaign. I bet they’re regretting that investment right about now. Oh, and just in case you were loving David’s new blackmailing hobby, you should know the judge he blackmailed killed himself: with a gun.

Cyrus ’ new plaything Michael is a whore trying to score an MBA. Who said all sex workers are dumb? Mike gets vulgar and naked, and Cyrus talks about the liability of letting someone in. You know what’s more of a liability and actually a risk to your White House career? Engaging in prostitution.

Mellie goes crazy over the “killer cliff bride” news story and has a very official meeting to tell some park rangers what they already know. She gets un–sad, but then the meeting is so awkward that she’s sad again. The President instructs Gabby (aka Abby) to get the First Lady whatever she wants, which is not even close to the press secretary’s job.

Speaking of Abby, she gets a call from her law school friend Katherine Winslow, who apparently thinks she still works at OPA, even though she knows she works at the White House because she mentions it later on. She’s also a friend of Liv’s. So she probably should have just called Olivia directly, but I guess Abby needed one or two more lines this week? Katherine’s daughter is missing, and we have all magically forgotten about the other two cases Liv has taken on so far this season. Those will probably never come up again. The teenage girl is missing, so Olivia’s people stand around talking about her clarinet skills because none of this is time sensitive. Katherine slept with her daughter’s boyfriend and taped it. Then the daughter ends up dead. Man, the kids on this show really can’t catch a break.

Jake tracks down Creepy Charlie and instead of torturing him B613–style (thank God), he just lets him have some alone time with Quinn. Obviously they make out, even though all the build–up would more accurately lead to Quinn killing him. Does anyone else remember when Quinn was just a normal girl with a bomb problem? Charlie spills, and Jake is now looking into Jerry Grant’s death. He confronts Liv’s dad about it over dinner, even though him and Olivia are totally just friends with benefits. Rowan's not down to back down, even when Jake threatens to tell Liv about the way Jerry died. 

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