Feb Club is a month–long senior tradition. This year, they've got venues ranging from famous restaurants and bars, to athletic arenas and night clubs, and even famous Philly landmarks and attractions, all for seniors to take part in at a discount (Ed. note: Who can blame these youngins for not knowing? I didn't know alcohol had calories until my junior year of high school).

We asked freshmen what they thought Feb Club was. Here's what they said:

Demetrius Thorn: "I have no idea. Something related to February." (Ed. note: Bravo Demetrius, good to know you got into Penn.)

Allie Trazska: "A club of some sort that happens in February."

Autumn Wynde: "Probably like fanatically eating booty." *shrugs and head nods*

Stefano Roccasecca: "It's like a random senior party with Amy Gutmann as its bouncer." 

Jordan Fromm: "Honestly have no clue. Maybe something with like Federal Reserve idk."

Naive Frosh #1: "A club for leap years or something?"

Naive Frosh #2: "Feminists for Jeb!"

Demetrius Thorn: "A club having to do with black history month?"

Allie Trazska: "A club that promotes love because Valentine's Day is in February?"

Hill Boy: "Does 'Feb' stand for 'fuck every body' club?"

Hill Girl: "Is it a new BYO?"

Josh Goldenberg: "It's a club where people go online, look for a person of the opposite sex (or same sex if you are into that), meet up with that person in a room of their choosing and then say a number from one to ten...if they both say the same number, they then have intercourse." 

Sophie Pu: "A club for February born babies?"

Thomas Dillinger: "I think it's some club thing. Like doing things in February. Def the right move to sign up." (Ed. note: Why are boys now allowed to use the word "def" in everyday sentences?) 

Tyler Dun: "How many guys you can get with in the month of February." 

Noah Gelles: "It's a club downtown like Rumor or something."

Naive Frosh #3: "It's when it's February and people decide to be part of a club and do fun things."

Andrew Statchel: “Sounds like a fitness thing, like a workout thing.”

Grace Lee: "A group of fat entitled bitches." 

Justin Straggi: "It sounds like a high–class escort service." 

Jacob Söderstjerna: "Seniors going to Atlantic City for the night." 

Zoe Colbert: "It's a club that celebrates the month of February but meets year–round, I think." 

Ben Weimer: "Fucked egg and bacon?" (Ed. note: Jesus Christ, Ben.)

Darya Nematic: "When people get shitfaced because they’re cold."

Elena Tomlinson: "No idea lol I'm so oblivious though... I didn't even know what DFMO was until a couple of months ago."

Sripad Kodukula: “I think it’s like an activist club or something."

Ed. note: A previous version of this article incorrectly attributed a quote to a student who was not interviewed. The piece has since been updated. Street regrets this error.