Ego took to the Street(s) to ask Penn students what they thought about on–campus recruiting. Keep reading to see what Quakers chose when it came to describing OCR via our favorite collection of emotions. 

Several interviewees chose to describe OCR with this emoji. Pretty self–explanatory

That face you made when you walked into the Bain info session and saw 1,500 other eager undergrads. Or maybe when you realized this company takes 0.1 percent of all applicants. 

Why specifically a kitten crying? One male student couldn't quite understand why it came to mind, but Street imagines it has something to do with a sad, sad loss of youthful innocence. 

The quintessential "What am I doing?" emoticon was offered up by one student foreign to the OCR process. Street is well–aware this is technically not an emoji, but honestly it was too accurate not to include. 

One's natural response when you've been asked, "So, why investment banking?"

In retrospect, we're not exactly sure what one freshman meant by the needle emoji to characterize OCR. Interpret this one as you will. 

Ego's Emoji Picks

When OCR steals your soul. 

We have no idea what we're doing but we'll buy this padfolio so it looks like we do.  

Because it's a black hole abyss.


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