Students often lament their susceptibility to procrastination when it comes to completing assignments for class, though this apparently is not a worry of theirs when preparing for Spring Fling. Although the week of bacchic celebrations typically takes place at the end of April, students are starting the festivities now.

“I generally don’t have anything in my life to look forward to besides Fling so like I’m glad we’re starting it now,” said Wharton junior Barton Wellington. Julie Rothfein ('17) echoed this sentiment. “It’s totally the best week of the year. Everyone is so happy. Or maybe they’re just coked out? I don’t know but everyone is much more fun to be around either way.”

Preparations have included sporting fling tanks—equipped with a tired pun or uninteresting inside joke based off of a student’s given club or friend group—and disposing of the social norm to drink alcohol at night. “Since we couldn’t do Penn–Princeton we decided to just have a fling darty.” A junior in an off–campus social organization told Street. He continued, “it would be sad to just, like, drink all day for no reason. But if you say it’s for fling then it’s cool.”

Despite the six–month gap, students have had an easy time justifying the decision. Julie explained the reasoning: “So fling is technically just the weekend but everyone parties starting on the Sunday. And St. Patty's is basically a warm–up. So why not just start now?” Julie told us she plans on skipping class to observe the festivities.