Anxiety Wrap, $63.95

The Anxiety Wrap is a wonderful tool that helps dogs cope with past and present fear issues. The Anxiety Wrap utilizes a technique called "pressure" to help your dog stay calm and friendly.

Berlin Stole, $39.99

This faux-mink plush capelet is inspired by 1920 Berlin. Give your pooch the glamour of the Weimar Republic today! Ravishing with our emerald collection.

Oh my Dog! Eau de Toilette Doggie Beauty Bag, $39.99

Calm your Shih Tzu's frazzled nerves with a fragrant gift basket, including shampoo/conditioner, Deoderizing freshening spritz, and an aromatherapy candle.

Bowlingual, $120.00

Finally understand bow for wow all of Muffy's inner recesses. Bowlingual's animal emotion analysis system records your pet's every word, and tells you if Muffy is feeling sad, happy, terretorial, assertive or frustrated.

Raw Advantage Vegetarian for Dogs, $6.99

All ingridients are 100% human-grade organic.

Burberry Turtleneck, $155.00

A must-have for the Penn pooch.


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