Who is your fashion inspiration?

I'd say probably my sisters and Kirsten Dunst.

Where are you from?

Orlando, Florida.

So how's Paris Hilton's new club doing down there?

Club Paris? Uh, it's actually not doing too well. But my sister and I crashed the opening and randomly got V.I.P. passes

and hung out with Paris Hilton and her sister.

What is your most favorite piece of clothing or accessory?

I hope this isn't going to sound snobby, but my gun metal

Balenciaga Bag. I'd also say a leather cuff my boyfriend gave me.

It is a very nice bag. You should purchase some insurance for it. Anyway, describe your look.

I like to wear feminine things but then put kind of like an edgy twist to it. You know, a lot of hardware, some plaids, etc.

What piece of clothing are you lusting after right now?

I think the Marc by Marc Jacobs resort stuff. The line hasn't come out yet but there are some really cute YSL-esque bubble skirts with buttons on them.

Did you do anything cool this summer?

I interned at Marc Jacobs, and I went to Morocco.

What's Marc like in person?

He's such a sweetheart! He's really funny. He always blares

Ludacris in the office.

"Southern Hospitality"?

A little bit of that. Or "Pimpin' Around the World."

If you had to pick a song that describes your style, what would it be?

Um, probably "Galang" by M.I.A.


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