Some may be inclined to say Greek Shipping heir, Stavros/MK's old beux/Paris's sloppy seconds is the new it kid, especially after he pulled a Lindsay and rammed his car into some paparazzi. Thanks but no thanks. Anyone still associated with Paris is so yesterday -- and I'm not talking about Hilary's song. Right now, it's all about laying low, being somewhat indie, and, what...talented? The talented Mr. Jake Gyllenhaal, in the new war hit Jarhead actually keeps us interested because he's real. Aside from being linked to on-again-off-again girlfriend Kirsten Dunst and even Lindsay Lohan, he deserves his status because of films like soon to be released Brokeback Mountain where he plays a sexually bewildered cowboy. He's not hyped or glammed. He's just an awesome-ified version of us. And who says there's anything wrong with loving yourself, or your antimony. Sometimes even a few times a day. Like daily doses of Grey's Anatomy. But Ellen Pompeo is more than just a talent of circumstance. She has already developed a following. Her classic but quirky features make her a perfect target on the red carpet, but her laid-back everyday street gear gives her a care-free and naturally boho-chic advantage over her youngers who try way too hard to impress the paparazzi with their Rachel Zoe-inspired attire.

Analysis: celebs who are over-bleached, over-tanned and over-glammed are over.


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