What is your blog about?

Oh, it's your typical self-indulgent everything/nothing blog with lots of pictures. I mainly post notable things I come across online or in books or whatever, plus little projects I cook up -- odd audio stuff, general nonsense. I fancy myself an arbiter of good taste, but "arbiter of bullshit" may be equally apt.

What is the blogging community at Penn like?

One time my friend Joe had his unicycle stolen at a party, so he made a post about it on the [Penn live journal] community and got the thing back in like two days. So yeah, it's pretty healthy.

What is your favorite blog?

I read Momus' blog every day (imomus.com). That guy is pretty much my hero. Also, We Make Money Not Art (we-make-money-not-art.com) and Flag on the Moon (flagonthemoon.blogspot.com) are pretty darn good.

How would you describe blogging style?

Blogging style is all about sporting your maladjustment. Blogging style, as I see it, involves suspicion of the slick, the established -- and delight in the novel, the unfamiliar. But maybe that's just me. Blogging style is really about multiplicity of styles, fragmentation of the populous into niche aesthetics.

Are you going to write about this Q&A on your blog?

I dunno, maybe right after the piece is printed. I enjoy reading about a blog in a magazine or another blog or whatever and then going to the site and the most recent post is, "Look, I just got a plug in such and such magazine/blog," and there's a link to the article I just read.

Who is your style icon?

I don't really have a style icon, just kids on the street, at shows, wherever else. There's this girl I used to see at a lot of R5 shows who consistently dressed like she was from the 1930s, with the curls and red lipstick and everything. I don't know her name, though.


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