Fine Arts senior "Steph G-T" specializes in painting and dabbles in all areas of cultural refinement (she's also an English major). This artsy intellectual rocks Philly-fied boho style and homemade neckwarmers.

Who is your style icon?

Lee Radziwell, Lauren Hutton in American Gigolo, Andre 3000.

What's been your greatest creation?

My knitted neckwarmer.

PMA, ICA or the Fisher Fine Arts library?

The Fabric Workshop and Museum. Check out the bathroom.

How do you work best?

After the deadline.

Would you rather be the performance artist who inflicts pain upon herself or a mime?

Neither. I'd rather be part of a pole dancing installation. For art's sake.

Tell us a little about your senior thesis.

It's about archaeology and the object, the process of uncovering a mundane object from the past and giving it new potential for aesthetic value.

Favorite art supply store?

Home Depot. I'm always the only female in the store, and the nice men carry my things to the car and tell me I smell pretty.

Who would you let paint you nude: Van Gogh, Dali, De Kooning?

Probably Dali, he'd paint my [expletive] next to my ear, a watchclock in my mouth, and dad would never recognize me. Besides, have you ever seen De Kooning's painting of Marilyn Monroe?


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