Jimmy Fanelly: 'I whistle when I walk.'

Senior Mask and Wigger Jimmy Fanelly has the voice of an angel, the posture of a small bird and the physique of a Greek god. Behold!

Street: Would you rather have a soundtrack or a narrator?

JF: I feel like I already have a soundtrack, because I whistle when I walk. Actually, some crazy woman screamed at me for it the other day on Pine. "I thought I told you never to whistle again!" It was like a scene out of Mommie Dearest.

Street: How do you define sexy?

JF: I think our definitions of sexy are formed at a young age, so for me it would be Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, or the Beast for that matter.

Street: Tell us something memorable from emceeing BMOC.

JF: My friend Bari was outside and texted me, "They're beating us with night sticks, I'm bummed."

Street: What do you think happens after we die?

JF: Fame. I'm gonna live forever!

Street: What is the biggest risk you've ever taken as a comedian/actor/artiste/provocateur?

JF: BET's Comic View and Showtime at the Apollo.

Street: Would you rather have a breakfast cereal named after you or a small airport?

JF: Having graced the cover of Wheaties for my Olympic gold at Nagano, I feel as though that is a BTDT. Thus, I must choose the small airport.

Street: Style icon?

JF: My roommate, Sara Levin. No one else has ever combined as many colors from the neon color spectrum into one outfit. It never looks particularly good, but she keeps on doing it. Don't ever change, Sara!

Street: Comedic idol?

JF: [M&W alumnus] Spencer Crawford. No one else could invent as many horribly offensive but ultimately lovable characters -- i.e. "Drunktard Jessica" (the ugliest girl at Penn), the racist trustee and Spencer Crawford (in his senior year).

Street: Dream job?

JF: Supreme Court Justice or John Mayer roadie.


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