"Let's Make Love and Listen to Death from Above"

by CSS

Joe: At first I wasn't sure I liked it, but then Vince turned the bass up. I think I get it.

Steve: This was my jam until lil' sis heard about it. Ah, fuck it - I'm converting to poptimism. Friend me on Orkut, dudester.

Leo: Want to hear this at 2 a.m. at Denim. Innocently Sexy. Killer break-grind time.

"We Share Our Mother's Health"

by the Knife

Joe: The Knife are amazing. So is this song. Just down load it. I'm sure it's available on Ruckus. They have everything. EVERYTHING

Steve: Makes me want to run out and buy a long-beaked bird mask immediately. Why, why, why was I born in America??

Leo: Hooked up the Nintendo for inspiration. Bass is ill.

Rafael: Strong premise, but in desperate need of remixings. The beats alternate between cloying and simply annoying.


by Lily Allen

Pamela: Baby Spice gone solo may be an understatement, but its inherent sweetness and Brit-ness is heartwarming. Some of the best "Lalaing" I've heard in a while.

Steve: I can't get over that obnoxious echo on every verse. And there's nothing I hate like a funky lilt.

Leo: Combination of Annie and Lady Sov. Wonderfully light.

"Wamp Wamp (What It Do)"

by Clipse

Pamela: When this man says "Wamp Wamp" I feel a bit uncomfortable.

Steve: I hear neologistic ass-shakers. I can't wait to look up "Wamp Wamp" on Urbandictionary.com

Rafael: The track leaves me more curious about "what it don't." "Up" does not rhyme with "up"


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