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Street's Songs of the Summer Roundup

Street writers discuss their favorite tracks with the most meaningful connections to summertime.

Street's Class of 2020 Penn 10

Leadership, commitment, and scholarship: Street presents the Class of 2020 Penn 10

Penn 10: Chad Vigil

A Penn Band saxophonist reflects on pre–med, halal wings, and community.

Overheards 04.30.2020

Grandma, calling at 4 p.m.: “How do you make a vodka cran?”

Overheards 04.22.2020

Out-of-touch Gamer: “What even is animal crossing? Is that, like, for furries?”

Overheards 04.15.2020

Mom of a Certified Baddie: "Why are you thirst–trapping on Instagram? Don't you have homework to do?"

34th Street’s Official Quarantine Watch List

Because social distancing is really just one long Netflix binge with breaks in between.

Street's Official Quarantine Reading List

From whirlwind romances to retail murders, this list has it all.

Overheards 03.04.2020

Overheards 2.26.2020

Disillusioned Democrat: "Fuck capitalism! But I'm also capitalism's little bitch."

What Film & TV Watched This January

A glimpse at what Street's Film & TV staff has been obsessing over.

Street's Favorite Movies of the Decade

From 'Spotlight' to 'Parasite,' here's what Street thought about movies from 2010 to now.

Street's Favorite TV Shows of the Decade

From 'Game of Thrones' to 'Fleabag,' here's what Street loved this decade.

Street's Favorite Albums of the Decade

15 albums that defined the 2010s

Overheards 12.04.2019

Saw Chris Evans in 'Knives Out': "I'm a seasonal bisexual, I just really like men in sweaters."

What Film & TV Watched This November

Get a glimpse at what Street's Film & TV staff has been obsessing over. 

The Climate Change Issue

This is our world too, and we should never forget that.

Overheards 11.13.2019

Very Literal Sociology Prof.: "The fact is that we live in a society."

Overheards 11.06.2019

Optimistic e–girl: "We're not taking a break. we're vibechecking our relationship."

Overheards 10.30.2019

The Pride of Penn Vet: "I wish I was a horse so I could take ketamine without being judged."
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