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Overheards 9.18.2019

Needy vegetable ex–lover: "Am I getting ghosted by Hip City Veg?"

Overheards 9.11.2019

Rollerblade Elitist: “Every time I see an electric skateboard a part of me dies.”

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Overheards 09.04.2019

Married to Math 104: “I want to hook up with this guy, but I have to go to math class.”

Overheards 08.28.2019

Heading south on Walnut: “Wait, all these streets are named after trees!”

Overheards 05.01.2019

NJB: "Is giving head Kosher for Passover?"

Street's New Penn 10

Chance encounters with the senior class

Overheards 04.17.2019

Corporate Snake who loves his snake: “Once, I masturbated in a GSR.”

Overheards 4.03.2019

The Other Woman: “My boyfriend has a girlfriend … it’s fine.”

Dining Guide Spring 2019

In this issue, food is the main character.

Quiz: Where Should I Eat Today?

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Overheards 3.20.2019

SWUG: “Maybe this [Sex and Human Nature] class will teach me how to get laid.”

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Overheards 03.13.2019

Bore Hole Enthusiast: “So, do you think Elon Musk is kinky in bed?”

Overheards 2.27.2019

Tidying Enthusiast: “I should Marie Kondo my friends with benefits.”

Overheards 2.20.2019

Most Relatable Person at Penn: “It’s Valentine’s Day, I’m single, and I’m drunk. Sex is all that matters.”

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The Love Issue: February 13, 2019

Street's annual Love Issue is back, bringing together user–generated essays and content from Street writers about love in all its forms — the complicated, messy, weird, funny, tiring, and soul-crushing.

Overheards 02.13.2019

Boxed Brownie Elitist: “I would like a dealer that makes brownies that are Ghirardelli instead of Betty Crocker.”

Overheards 02.06.2019

Conscientious Shiksa:  “Do you think they make kosher birth control pills?”
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