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Overheards 11.14.2018

Daughter of White Collar Criminal: Is my inheritance gone?

Best of Penn 2018

You voted on your favorite food, drinks, shops, occasions, and communities and the results are in. Here are the winners of this year's 26 Best of Penn categories, plus Street staff's favorites for some oppositional fun.

Best of Penn 2018: Occasions

Best date spot, best place to take your parents, best public sex spot and more.

Best of Penn 2018: Drink

Best bars, best happy hour, best coffee and more.

Best of Penn 2018: Communities

Best housing, best Philly neighborhood, best bathroom and more.

Best of Penn 2018: Shops

Best gift shop, best sex shop, best thrift shop and more.

Best of Penn 2018: Food

Best brunch, best pizza, best deals and more.

Overheards 11.05.2018

Recently Woke: I just came to the realization that everyone’s just having sex with everyone.

Overheards 10.31.2018

OCR Sage: We accept the jobs we think we deserve. 

Overheards 10.24.2018

Ivy–bound Prefrosh: Are you supposed to pee on the Ben Franklin statue or is that at Princeton. 

Overheards 10.17.2018

Brand Conscious Fashionista: 'I went to a Tabard rush event and they were all lookin' at my bag trying to figure out the brand....it was American Eagle.'

Street is Launching its Sunday Morning Newsletter

Very aptly named The Toast.

The Big Five–O: Celebrating Half a Century of Street

To celebrate, we've put together reflections from alumni and a crash course on Street history—enjoy!

Overheards 10.10.2018

Econ–Screamer: My econ midterm literally fisted me in the ass. 

Overheards 10.03.2018

Visiting Professor: I don’t care if you all get A’s. I don’t work here. What can they do to me? 

Overheards 09.27.2018

PETA Activist: Can I still eat dick if I’m vegan? 

Dining Guide Fall 2018

Love food? Street’s got you covered. Dining Guide is back, but we’re switching it up this semester. Of course we’ve included a well-rounded assortment of restaurant reviews, but we’re also giving you an interview from a famous food critic, a sneak peek about what magic happens in the kitchen of a restaurant, and a series of personal essays about the many roles food can play in our lives. 

Your Day in Chinatown, Planned

Street's Chinatown bakery, crafts, bubble tea and restaurant picks.

Entertainment Guide 2018: Philadelphia, Curated

From music venues and art galleries to comedy clubs and playhouses, we wanted to show you the best of what the city has to offer.

Dance up a Sweat in These Poppin' Philly Clubs

Shake off your stress at these clubs that host a variety of themed nights including Latin fusion, Joy Division, and so much more.
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