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Overheards 11.13.2019

Very Literal Sociology Prof.: "The fact is that we live in a society."

Overheards 11.06.2019

Optimistic e–girl: "We're not taking a break. we're vibechecking our relationship."

Overheards 10.30.2019

The Pride of Penn Vet: "I wish I was a horse so I could take ketamine without being judged."

Here's How Your Band Can Perform at 34th Street's Battle of the Bands

Do you think your band has what it takes to be crowned the best on campus?

Overheards 10.23.2019

Older girl talking to younger girl at Saxbys: “When it comes to dating at Penn, my advice is to just give up.”

Overheards 10.16.2019

Has bangs: "I’m not afraid of anything, because now I’ve got bangs."

Overheards 10.9.2019

Black Eyed Peas Stan: "My wedding song is going to be 'Boom Boom Pow'.” 

Overheards 10.2.2019

SWUG, to a freshman (who didn't ask): “If you’re not concerned about doing well, college is very easy.”

Dining Guide Fall 2019

We went to Pizzeria Beddia, wrote about eating alone, and trekked down South Street. We hope you're hungry! 

Overheards 9.18.2019

Needy vegetable ex–lover: "Am I getting ghosted by Hip City Veg?"

Overheards 9.11.2019

Rollerblade Elitist: “Every time I see an electric skateboard a part of me dies.”

Apply to 34th Street for Fall 2019

Join the conversation. Join 34th Street. 

Overheards 09.04.2019

Married to Math 104: “I want to hook up with this guy, but I have to go to math class.”

Overheards 08.28.2019

Heading south on Walnut: “Wait, all these streets are named after trees!”

Overheards 05.01.2019

NJB: "Is giving head Kosher for Passover?"

Street's New Penn 10

Chance encounters with the senior class

Overheards 04.17.2019

Corporate Snake who loves his snake: “Once, I masturbated in a GSR.”

Overheards 4.03.2019

The Other Woman: “My boyfriend has a girlfriend … it’s fine.”

Dining Guide Spring 2019

In this issue, food is the main character.

Quiz: Where Should I Eat Today?

Having trouble deciding where to eat? Answer these questions, and we'll find the review for you.
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