Street: What fashion trends should we know about?  Anita Saggurti: Neon. That’s why I wore my bright blue pants and bright red shoes. It’s fantastic. And masculine cuts, hence the jackets. As for out … the Ugg boots with the fuzz on the outside. Those were out the minute people landed on the moon.

Street: What’s one magical thing you wish you could have from the Harry Potter universe?  AS: I would probably take the Invisibility Cloak. Because I could spy on people. It would be fun to go around and not get in trouble ever.

Street: If you were chosen to compete in the Hunger Games, how would you survive? AS: I’m not athletic, so I think I would do what one of those girls did and pretend that I’m really weak. And that’s where the Invisibility Cloak would come in handy! I would just go invisible and no one would know where the fuck I was. See! Brought it back.

Street: What’s your secret talent? AS: I can rap in an Indian accent. It’s just something that comes to me naturally. I started by making fun of my mother who talked in an Indian accent. I started using the accent when my mom wasn’t involved, and then I started rapping with it. And I’ve never looked back.

Street: Who’s your alter ego? AS: My sister is probably my alter ego simply because she looks exactly like me and talks exactly like me and acts exactly like me. There was a moment in high school when I walked up the stairs and I saw my sister talking to my best friend. And I was like, how am I over there when I’m over here? And that was probably the dumbest moment that I’ve ever had.

Street: What’s your sister’s name? AS: Vinita Saggurti.

Street: Anita? AS: Vinita.

Street: Vinita! Wow, even your names are similar. AS: I named her. All the women in my family have rhyming names. My aunts are Ronni and Vonni.

Street: There are two kinds of people at Penn… AS: Those who love champagne and those who don’t. Guess which category I am?

Street: What does your PennCard picture look like? AS: It’s one of those webcam pictures. I’m just staring into the depths of the camera. It’s pretty good, actually.

Street: Those usually are. AS: I know! Because it doesn’t look anything like you.

Street: If you could swim in a pool of anything, what would it be? AS: Nutella and peanut butter. First of all, freaking best things in the entire world. If I swim in it, I could eat it and no one would really notice. And an entire tub of it? A dream.

Street: What’s one thing that you wish you knew as a freshmen? AS: I was really creepy as a freshman and stalked this campus before I got here.

Street: So you knew everything? AS: Yeah, like I knew that there’s an underground tunnel if you go underneath the Ben Franklin statue.

Street: I think you should just write a guide. AS: “Anita’s Secret Hideaways at Penn.” There are a lot.

Street: How do you know all this? AS: I talk to people. I have my sources.


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