Morning: Have a couple of S'mores Pop Tarts, but don’t get too cocky: there’s a reason Pete's friends call him the “Pop Tart King." Finish off breakfast with a bowl of Honey Nut Scooters with 1% milk, cause Honey–Nut Cheerios are so mainstream.





Lunch: Head to Houston Market! Grab a California roll from the Sushi Bar (President Amy G's favorite!) or, if the line isn’t too long, make yourself a salad with all of the toppings. You can bursar it, we won’t tell (just don’t steal Pete’s PennCard).

Dinner: Go to Sitar India for a buffet of delicious Indian food. Pete calls himself "a bit obsessed" with this South Asian hotspot. You may just meet eyes with him over a platter of chicken tikka masala.

Dessert: Before bed, make a FroGro run and pick up some tubs of Stone Ridge ice cream. Cheap and delicious, Cookies and Cream is Pete’s favorite, with Cookie Dough–Brownie coming in at a close second. But if you really want to eat like Pete, you have to pick up a tub of Mint (the ickiest) just for your roommates who love it, cause you’re nice like that.


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