Burger: BBP What to get: Miami Burger. Pressed with ham and Swiss and topped with pickles, mustard and mayo, it’s no wonder he never orders anything else.




Burrito: Chipotle What to get: Steak burrito with vegetables, pinto beans, white rice, cheese, lettuce and roasted chili–corn salsa. His choice of salsa may be wild, but something tells us Pete knows how to get wild.







Ice cream: Ben and Jerry’s What to get: A waffle cone with a scoop of Half–Baked ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better, and Pete knows that when he wants to indulge, he doesn’t need to go any farther than B&J’s, which is conveniently located across from his Rodin home base.







Soup: Qdoba What to get: Mexican gumbo with nachos. Sure, Pete’s also a fan of the Fajita Ranchera burrito, but at Chipotle’s less–esteemed cousin he takes advantage of the chance to mix it up with this spicy tortilla soup with cilantro–lime rice and black beans.





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