1. Chocolate or Raisin Croissants ($1.75 each) Michael spent an entire year with a traditional French baker, learning how to authentically make these wrapped stacks of flakey dough layers. Known for its almond variety (described by the bakers as a gateway product), Four Worlds also recommends these simple and sweet chocolate or raisin fillings because they complement the buttery and slightly salty surrounding pastry.

2. Olive Rosemary Loaf ($6.50) Fresh chopped kalamata olives and rosemary are sprinkled throughout this hearty sourdough loaf, making it the baker's favorite. Its savory quality—resulting from the saltiness of the olives and the aromatic rosemary—would complement an Italian meal perfectly when savored plain or dipped in olive oil.

3. 100% Whole Wheat Loaf ($4.75) A knockout soft consistency balanced with crunch from the sesame seed crust. Build a sandwich with some slices, or experience the out–of–body tastebud experience that Michael describes by spreading some fruit preserves over its wholesome goodness.

4. Sourdough Pretzel ($1.00 each) After one of his bakers went to Reading Terminal Market to learn the twisting technique from the all–knowing Dutch, Michael came up with his own interpretation of a classic, baking his pretzels with the same forty percent whole–wheat dough that he uses for bagels and pizza crust. Unlike the factory–made version, these are the real deal; even without lard or sugar they make an especially satisfying snack.

5. Chocolate Babka ($7.00 per half loaf) Every Thursday, Four Worlds bakes a whole grain version of this traditional Eastern European bread that resembles streusel. Along with the rich chocolate–walnut swirl, its butter content explains why Michael calls it his most “ridiculous” menu item.


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