1. Leslie saves the local video rental store.

Pawnee’s art house video rental store goes out of business and Leslie takes it upon herself to save it. She does, but not after telling the owner – played by Jason Schwartzman in an AWESOME cameo – to change business practices to be more profitable. He rebrands as a porn rental shop, thus, Leslie saves porn in Pawnee (this is dramatized in a fake movie in the end credits in “Too Big to Nail,” starring Ron Swandong. Uncontrollable laughter).

2. Chris and Ann are making a baby! Finally, Chris decides to be Ann’s baby daddy. He spends the episode trying to quasi– parent Tom, giving him advice about his store and relationships and just whispering “son” at the end. After some sage advice from Jerry, Chris decides to go for it. Fuzzy feelings.

3. Ann and April become... friends? April needs a recommendation from Ann to apply to vet school, which Ann gleefully holds over her. Ann makes her spend a week being her friend, leading to some classic April–hates–Ann–and–everything moments. Of course, by the end of the episode, it’s clear that April actually enjoyed spending time with Ann. There is a singalong to “Time After Time,” featuring Donna.

4. JEAN RALPHIO HAS A SISTER. This is probably the best (or worst) thing to happen to Pawnee since Jean Ralphio himself. Tom hires Jean Ralphio’s crazy twin sister Mona Lisa (“the w–ooooooorst”) to work at his store and finds out she has a penchant for lying, cheating, stealing and – of course – coming on to guys. Tom tries to fire her, but ends up dating her, and tries to get her to be less horrible, to some success.

5. This was the funniest episode this season. I can’t think of an episode this season that made me laugh out loud as much as this one. From the introduction of Mona Lisa to Jason Schwartzman’s cameo to the unbelievably funny end credits, these 21 minutes were firing on all cylinders. It also developed some key plot points – Ann’s baby, Tom’s store and April’s potential future plans.


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