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Cat Dragoi


‘Her Body and Other Parties’ To Be Adapted into a Dystopian TV series

The upcoming “feminist Black Mirror,” which will premiere on FX, is based on a collection of short stories by Penn’s former writer–in–residence Carmen Maria Machado.

Oyster House Defines the Contemporary Oyster Bar

Here, at one of the oldest oyster houses in America, the prestige is reflected by both in the quality and the price of its dishes.   

Filmmaker Lauren Greenfield on ‘Generation Wealth,’ Morals & Capitalism

Hedge–fund executives, porn stars, and rich kids: in her newest documentary, Greenfield delves deep into the lifestyles and mentality of the upper echelon.

Eight Outdoor Screenings You Can’t Miss this July

Get off your couch.

‘RBG’ Documents the Life of an Actual Superhero

The documentary goes beyond Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s career, peering into her upbringing, marriage, and dissent–collar closet. 

‘Aardvark’ is Unique in its Incompetence

If the stellar cast doesn’t convince you, the prospect of seeing the most absurd cinematic chaos in recent memory should. 

Hasan Minhaj Gives Penn a Preview of His Upcoming Show

Minhaj brought his witty political satire to the crowd at the SPEC Comedy Night on Tuesday. 

‘Isle of Dogs’ Strikes Gold for Lovers of Dry Humor

Wes Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ might be the best movie currently in theaters.

We Talked to John Krasinski About His New Horror Film

‘A Quiet Place’ is effortlessly thrilling, but working in silence posed several challenges to Krasinski. 

One Girl, One High-Rise Kitchen, One Week of Meal Prepping

How to meal prep like a pro in your dorm room

How Religion Complicates the Sexual Learning Curve

Students with religious upbringings navigate misconceptions and sex ed discrepancies when they come to Penn

Review: ‘Thoroughbreds’ AKA the Art of Being a Sociopath

Don’t expect much from the new teen–drama, which is just as flashy and empty as its two main characters. 

Love in a Hurry: Five Short Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Leave some time for real–life romance.

LSD and the CIA: New Netflix Series ‘Wormwood’ Investigates the Suicide Experiment

The documentary series questions one of the biggest cover–ups revealed by the Rockefeller Commission. 

How to Make an Oscar–Winning Film

What constitutes Oscar bait?

Penn Students vs. Woody Harrelson: A Q&A Session

Harrelson visited Penn this past weekend to discuss acting, weed, and his directorial debut.

‘Lost in London’: Woody Harrelson Discusses His Directorial Debut with Street

How “one of the top five worst nights” of his life turned into a full–length live–film. 

Thor: Ragnarok Makes Marvel’s Moneymaking Method Likable

Same ingredients, better display. 

10Below’s Rolled Ice Cream Is a Perfect Ten

  10Below’s rolled ice cream is so good you’ll forget you’re in the US.  

The Horror of the College Campus in Happy Death Day

A movie that’s terrifying for all the wrong reasons. 
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