Fishy (adj.): To look like a woman, not a man, in a dress.

“Girl, I’m serving fish on a platter. Eat it up.”


Read (v.): The act of throwing shade. To insult someone.

“She read me to filth, but you know I still love her.”


Sickening  (adj.): To look fierce, flawless, and absolutely fabulous.

“I look sickening on the runway and all of these bitches know it.”


Werk  (v.): To do a good job, or ‘bring it.’

“Werrrrrrrk it, bitch.”


Realness (n.): To represent a particular look or style very well.

“I was giving her 1970s disco realness but she wasn’t having none of it, hunty.”


Hunty (n.): A portmanteau of honey and cunt, it is a term of endearment among friends.

“Ooh, hunty, where’d you get that wig? It is gorgeous, sweetie!”


T (n.): Gossip. The chatter that goes on between friends.

“What’s the T, girl?”


Drag Mother (n.): An experienced drag queen who acts as a mentor toward new ones.

“You know my drag mother’s going to clock me if I wear that ratchet–ass weave, bitch.”


Kiki (n.): A kiki is a party, for calming all your nerves.

“What are you doing tomorrow? Let’s stay in and have a kiki.”


Tuck (v.): To position one’s male genitalia to resemble a woman’s.

“This tuck is killing me, I need to go fix myself.”


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