Magpie Artisan Pie Boutique (1622 South St.)—Pear Ginger Crumb Pie

You can get a generously sized slice for $6, or an entire pie for $38. It'll be money well spent. Bonus: Magpie now delivers. This could either be extremely convenient or extremely dangerous. Order online to avoid the trip to Rittenhouse Square and get into the best crumby pie you never knew you were missing.

Lil’ Pop Shop (265 S. 44th St.)—Caramel Custard Popsicle  

It’s finally sweater season, but if you really miss summer, stop by Lil’ Pop Shop to smooth the transition. In honor of autumn, Pop Shop is featuring a caramel custard flavor, which is sweet, rich and utterly delicious. Make sure to stop by before it gets too cold—there's nothing attractive about a frozen tongue.

White Dog Cafe (3420 Sansom St.)—Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pumpkin spiced brioche custard, candied bacon and maple pecan ice cream all combine in a stresuel–style pudding the Dog is churning out this season. It sounds ubelievably sweet, but you'll get grounded in nuttiness accented with a bit of smoke.

Devon Seafood Grill (225 S. 18th St.)—Carrot Cake

Walk back from Rittenhouse Square after this one — it's indulgent. Devon’s dense carrot cake features pecan praline filling, sweet cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut. Most of Devon’s menu is out of the average student’s price range, so skip dinner to splurge on taste. Your waistband may not be so thrilled, but your taste buds will be.


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