This article was originally published as part of the joke issue on 12.5.2013

Jameson Digby is the man behind your 3 a.m. hunger cravings. As manager of our local McDonald’s, he oversees the daily routines of the entire establishment, making sure you get those fries just the way you like them. And yes, statistics show that you probably ordered fries.

Street: How long have you worked at McDonald’s? Jameson Digby: I’ve worked at McDonald’s off and on for a total of seven years.

Street: What has your experience been like as store manager? JD: My experience at 40th and Walnut has been a challenging and rewarding one. For the most part it’s been a very fun, interactive and interesting experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything right now.

Street: What is your favorite item on the menu? JD: The new sweet chili wrap because it’s nontraditional, a healthy choice and it’s also delicious.

Street: And what’s the most popular item? JD: The fries. They account for 70% of McDonald’s sales.

Street: What do you think distinguishes this McDonald’s from other McDonald’s in the area? JD: The fact that we are located within the center of a culturally diverse neighborhood surrounded by several different universities, hospitals, corporations and privately owned businesses. It makes our restaurant more accustomed to serving and catering to all types of different types of people from all walks of life.

Street: What’s been your most memorable experience on the job? JD: There are too many to just pinpoint one. Working at McDonald’s, I’m provided the opportunity to meet and service many different people every day. My greatest joy is just being able to put a smile on a person’s face for a job well done, and because they appreciate our product.

Street: If you could give a Happy Meal to one person, who would it be and why? JD: It would be to a child who has never been to McDonald’s. Maybe that child will become a regular guest as he or she grows up.

Street: What’s the key to successfully running a restaurant at Penn? JD: I believe the key to success is doing my best to provide our guests with a service that I would want for myself. College students are always on the go. Most students want their meals quick, hot and fresh from an establishment that’s clean and friendly. Those are things I also expect when I walk into a McDonald’s.

Street: Fill in the blank: There are two kinds of people who go to McDonald’s… JD: The hungry and the loyal.


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