"Singles:" Future Islands

Future Islands’ new album, “Singles,” is a perfect demonstration of how a band can grow over time, yet simultaneously remain static. Front–man Samuel T. Herring’s voice is still throaty, the bass lines are still rigid–but–catchy and the lyrics still evoke the image of a gruff mentor, say Mufasa, serenading his sweet Simba to sleep.

Ultimately, though, many of the songs blend into one another and get lost among the rocky terrain of Herring’s voice. Future Islands produces their best work when they focus on slower, more balladic songs. Tracks like “Back in the Tall Grass” may not be the most popular, but they deftly weave all aspects of the band’s talents together, allowing them to rise above the indie–electro–rock clutter they have decided to inhabit. Definitely give “Singles” a listen; just make sure to pay attention lest the entirety blend together too smoothly.

Grade: B

Download: “Back in the Tall Grass”

Sounds best when: Lingering on your nostalgia about sunshine on Locust Walk