Clark Park might just be the perfect place to picnic one weekend when you want to keep it in the neighborhood. With its full view of the colorful and window–patterned porches of Baltimore Avenue, Clark Park provides a convenient place for families to relax on the grass, and youngins to sip their summertime sodas. For you, Clark Park sits in close proximity to Baltimore’s best restaurants, so you and your friends can grab food from different places.

On 42nd and Baltimore, if you’re in the mood for Indian food in lieu of traditional picnic fare, Desi Chaat offers a variety of delightful dishes including mango lassi and chaat. If you stick around while waiting for your order, you might score free rice pudding. Another option, Best House Pizzeria (always believe what you are told), has a menu too diverse for your own good, but stick with pizzas, mozzarella sticks and fries right while on the go.  Finally, on 44th, Milk and Honey offers fresh bagels, egg sandwiches, soups and paninis (spicy thai tofu comes highly recommended).

To BYO, depending on where you’re coming from, you can stop at Allegro’s on the way for Italian beer, Best House Pizzeria offers cold beer or go to 49th and Baltimore at PA Wine and Spirits. Across from the park, Green Line Café offers Italian sodas and a diverse range of iced drinks to quench your thirst, and brownies and cookies mixed with peanut butter and the like can top off any meal.

Grab a blanket you found again while spring-cleaning or sit at one of the parks many benches or swing sets (if you’re into that). Dig in!


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