Had sex with my roommate still in the room

Been sexiled/Sexiled someone else

Hooked up with a TA

Had explosive diarrhea in Van Pelt

Drank Jungle Juice and been completely fine

Walked down Locust with my skirt in my underwear

Hooked up with a Drexel

Enjoyed a downtown

Accidentally blasted my headphone music in Huntsman

Lost my virginity

Met my spouse at Penn

Seen Amy Gutmann

Waited less than hour for Koch’s Deli

Made it to the Fling concert

Eaten at Penne

Gotten into Smoke’s

Attended a Penn­–sanctioned NSO event

Sent nude pics!

Done the readings

Put hoes before bros

Read “Penn News Today”

Believed in the UA

Finished all my meal swipes

Had a building named after my family

Been to the Palestra

Cried at Pottruck

Used Penn Walk