Mangia doesn't make a great first impression. It's humid and greasy—smelling, for starters. But, we figured that out of three menus they offered, something probably wouldn't suck.

Menu 1

  • Burgers: Beef, turkey or vegetarian
  • Sliced steak sandwich: beef, chicken or seitan
  • Soft and hard shell tacos: beef, chicken or seitan
  • 2 slices of pizza: cheese, pepperoni, veggie or meat
  • Quesadillas: chicken, beef, cheese or vegetable

All for $3.50+tax

My initial reactions:

  • What is seitan? According to Wikipedia, it's wheat gluten. In conclusion, I can take a loaf of bread, remove the gluten, and sell gluten­­–free bread and seitan at a huge mark up for each? #WhartonWheatTrickery
  • All for $3.50?! Fuck you, Bridge, and your $8 sandwiches!

Menu 2

  • Calamari and fries 
  • Clam trips and fries
  • Fish and chips
  • Cheese ravioli with marinara and garlic bread
  • Pasta marinara with garlic bread
  • Baked ziti with garlic bread

Prices vary

My initial reactions:

  • They sure like their seafood, but I’m no closer to the ocean than I was at Bridge. Perhaps not.
  • Why don’t we get garlic bread?! -jealous-
  • What is ziti? (Eds. Note: forgive her ignorance, she’s British)

Menu 3

  • Turkey meat loaf
  • Baked fish
  • Bok Choy; all with mashed potatoes

All for $3.50+ tax

My initial reactions: 

  • Honestly, I'm glad none of these things are options at Penn. Especially not at Commons. That's how food poisoning happens.

What I chose to eat: Chicken soft shell taco with salsa. It was tasty, but could have done with some more salt. When I came in I was hungry, and when I left I wasn’t. It did the job, and that’s all a college kid can really ask for #missionaccomplished.


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