This week, Street hit up Commons and started making friends. First, an employee who has been working at Commons since 2012. She likes to giggle and gossip with students about weekend parties, potential hookups and how expensive but necessary it is to get their hair and eyebrows done.

They shared with us many reasons why they love their jobs: the interactions with students, meeting people from all over the world, immersing themselves in teh college life and money at Penn. 

We were touched by one worker's passion for the kitchen. "It's hands on. It's creative. And you get to prepare recipes you never prepared before," he said.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a Penn student do?

“One time, a student came in with goggles on. He was acting like Commons was the swimming pool, just swimming around doing breaststroke. And me and Kim were just watching him. He was real funny.”

“One of the students told me he was on steroids. He was an athlete.”

“I believe they had students come in with masks on, like a raccoon and a cow mask. And they were eating off other students plates and all that.”

“[A student] threw wet tissues at the other students. Also they get drunk sometimes in here. Like they bring alcohol into Commons and drink it in here.”

“It’s funny to see what you guys come in wearing on Halloween and Spring Fling. You guys come in all drunk, just desperate to get food in your stomachs. One time last year, this girl comes swaying and swipes in with Miss Mary. She starts up the stairs but doesn’t make it half way up before she throws up all over. It like drips down the stairs and everything.”

What do you think about Penn students themselves?

“For the most part, they’re respectful. They know what they want in terms of food, and that’s a good thing. That’s better for us because then we know what to make for them.”

“This year, everything is better. When someone drops something, they pick it up themselves, even when we tell them we got it.”

“They’re beautiful. They’ve got nice personalities, good conversations. Most of them are respectful.”

“I hate it when I ask you what you want and you stare at me funny and say, “What?” It’s a little, like, rude.”

 “Y'all very nice and polite, but doing tables can get a little rough. We know y’all only sit where the tables are clean.”


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