The night is young so

I drink my roommate’s handle

Ugh, now she is mad.

I can’t feel it yet

Is there something wrong with me?

JK. Just hit me ;)

I walk out the door,

And strut past Allegro’s, proud

"Later," I whisper.

Time to enter now

Hugs for one, hugs for all… FALL

I fell. Got back up.

I’m up. A Legend.

Who are you? Are we friends? Let’s

Hug anyway, pal.

NSO makes bonds

Wharton invests in bonds. Ha.

College is so fun.

Hey you. Over there.

From Econ 1. I know you.

Did we hu last year?

These are not the clothes

I was wearing at the start

Of the night. Well, shit.

Time to go home now

First a pit stop, I promised

Mozzarella sticks.

Back at home, sad face

I type to unknown number

Thank you, NSO.


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