Hit it: Flashcards and Fling

Quit it: Forget everything and Fling

Since Fling is the week before finals this year, it's right about now that many people realize they might have to sacrifice partying for studying. But we'd argue that studying is exactly what Fling was made for. Bring your flashcards to the darty and reward yourself with one shot for every card you get right. Need to write a paper? Download Google Docs and type away during your Uber to Pool Party. There’s a reason why PV and VP are so similar. Who says you can’t chase your dreams while chasing your drinks at the same time? We definitely don’t.

Hit it: Real News

Quit it: Fake News


In a time when we’ve derived terms for openly lying to the public as if it was no big deal, some activists are fighting back to turn fake news back into real news. California has started an initiative to help people differentiate between real news and fake news. However, we should ask ourselves: was the news ever real? While we’d like to think so, we must consider some forgotten stories that lead us to believe the media has been hiding things from us for longer than we suspect. 1: Where is Owen Wilson? 2: How much corn was killed in the making of Trump’s toupee? 3: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Hit it: SPEC

Quit it: SCAM


Even if you aren’t happy with this year’s Fling lineup, you should still be happy we weren’t scammed out of our money, like Emory, for thinking we’d booked Zedd and Tinashe when we’d really booked Fedd and Finashe (fake versions of the real thing). Sadly, the student event planning committee for Emory University in Atlanta thought they’d book their hometown homies, Migos, but had really been scammed by a con–artist. Now they are scrambling to find a replacement while also filing a lawsuit. If they don’t find someone else to perform, maybe they’ll be the first people to have a “silent disco” that requires you to BYO music and headphones.