It looks like 6 years after the Harry Potter movie series wrapped up its eighth and final movie we may see just one more. But this time it’s not Warner Brothers behind it, just dedicated fans.

Tryangle Films, a relatively new production company made up of 2 friends, has launched a new project based on the Harry Potter series. The new fan film, entitled Voldemort—Origins of the Heir is set to come out by the end of the year.

The project has been ongoing since August 2015, with the production company starting a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The company released a trailer on June 1 and the Internet has gone crazy for it, with the YouTube video receiving nearly 8.5 million views in less than 2 weeks. The film even has its own Wikipedia page.

The basic plot of the story follows Voldemort before Harry Potter even enters the scene, tracing his evolution from Tom Riddle to Voldemort. According to the trailer, the non–profit fan film has even created a new hero, Grisha MacLaggen heir to Gryffindor, for Voldemort to face.

So far, it seems fans are a little unsure of the film, and nearly 9,400 have disliked the video (granted, 47,844 did like it). Many are asking why there needs to be a new hero, and if this young production company has the right to create a spinoff movie and profit off of J.K. Rowling’s characters and world.

Fans weren’t the only ones who were upset with the idea. Warner Bros. claimed last July that the crowdfunding violated copyright laws, forcing the campaign to be suspended for a period of time. Tryangle Films decided to settle, leaving the new film to be a non–profit video that must be released for free on YouTube.

Despite these setbacks, though, the company is set on completing and releasing the film. And from the looks of the trailer it seems pretty professional, too. We, for one, are excited to see what becomes of it and whether these fans have what it takes to recreate the magical world that so many of us grew up with. They’re going to need all the Felix Felicis they can get.

Image: Creative Commons


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