Summer’s over, and gone are the days of internship—levels of DGAF, pool parties, the shitty-but-also-kinda-nostalgia-evoking waitressing job, and of course, your summer fling. Letting go of summer doesn't always suck: replacing beach days with study days, work friends with school friends, and late nights for more late nights (but early mornings) are all routine seasonal changes. But deleting your summer fling from memory may be a little harder. They keep running around in your brain and making it hard to enjoy your new singleness every *single* night of your first week back.

Here are Street’s three pieces of advice to get over your summer fling as quickly as possible, and get back into the game on campus.

Accept it's Totally Over. 

I repeat. Over.

Did he go to another sexy Ivy and speak in sonnets by the poolside? Romantic. Did he already graduate and flirt with you over slides in the research lab? Hot. But it doesn't matter. 

Because do you know what’s not hot? Spending your first months of school taking long road trips in the middle of midterm week to see bae for two hours and have mediocre sex in a random college dorm room, without any real plan for a sustainable relationship. Summer flings are short and temporary, it isn’t coming back, and it might not get any better; let it go on a sweet note. 

Get Out!

Why have you been inside for a week?

Really though, moping is your worst enemy right now. Remember that we already accepted (in step 1, keep up) that your summer fling is over. Totally. Over. So why are you wasting precious time looking at weird selfies you took together at the beach that one time? Keep busy, pick up a hobby (like knitting!), go to a party, catch up with someone who came back from abroad. You can't move on if you aren't having more fun without them. 

Download Tinder

This is self explanatory. You need a new bae, if only to distract yourself for a few weeks before realizing that you are a powerful and independent human being. It's important to remind yourself that they were NOT the only hot/sexy/smart/funny dude/chick out there. The beginning of the semester is a perfect time to pick up a new cutie. Get out there and do yo thang.