Collaborate to create: Students come together in music, video and dance


A burning blue cassette fills the screen. The mesmerizing image ushers us into the world of Magdalena Bay's video for their single VOC POP.  The song is a feel–good tune with electric energy and hooks in every nook and cranny.  The video's dream–like aesthetic is the perfect complement. 

The story behind the video is just as compelling as its content.  Last spring, Lucy Nebeker (College '18) realized she wanted to to create a music video. A friend put her in contact with Magdalena Bay, a pop duo that consists of Mica Tenenbaum (C'18) and Matthew Lewin, a student at Northeastern.  

Lucy worked with the band to create the song's visual representation, which you can see below. The music video features a vibrant color palette and visuals which Lucy designed herself, inspired by one of Grime’s music videos.  She made the graphics by "altering, coloring and combining royalty free stock footage using Adobe after effects." She then used key light to place the graphics on the green screen clips, she says. Sounds complicated, and we're impressed.

Lucy decided to add multiple layers of Penn to the project. She worked alongside film maker Amanda Prager (C'18).  Together,  they enlisted the help of  Strictly Funk's Kyla Ayers to choreograph a dance scene for the music video, working with a Penn backdrop (let’s see if you can spot it) and featuring students Tiffany Yue (E ‘19) and Lolo Lomax (C'18). Chrissy Walker (W '19) from The Walk helped with the styling and makeup.  The team was made of all students, all from Penn (minus one).  Over the next few months, the group merged their talents and created a video filled with genuine creativity, color and contagious energy. You’ll find yourself immediately drawn in.  

"In Funk, collaboration is more linear, because we all create within the same art form," Kyla says. "But the way a dancer thinks and creates is so different from the way a songwriter or a videographer thinks and creates, so it was awesome to see our different forms of creativity come together to achieve one cohesive vision."

While we’re students, collaborating and sharing gives us the ability to expand our talent horizons. That’s exactly the opportunity Lucy took, and you should really see what they've created.  Magdalena Bay, the band featured, has a new original song out called #wastehistime. Check them out on Soundcloud too, and join the fun. 

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