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Sydney Hard


Election Reflection: Sydney Hard C'17

The importance of listening.

The Biggest Stories in Music this Summer

The skinny on summer 2016.

Listen to Bon Iver feature on Francis and the Lights' new single "Friends" (oh, and Kanye too?)

Francis and the Light's released a new single featuring Bon Iver and it is everything we have always wanted and more.

Girls Only: An Indie-Electro-Soul Playlist For the Soul

We made up a genre. You're welcome.

Your Anti–Sex Playlist

Hello humans of the top party school. Sadly, fling season is over, but a new season is here.

You Have to Listen to This: Leon Bridges

This Texas–based musician takes us on a journey through the genre of Soul, but brings us there on an new–age route.

Osiris: A senior society you should know about

a senior society for talented people, AKA, not you.

Three Badass Songs by Ladies That Have Something to Say

feminism, the refugee crisis, and black empowerment messages hidden between the lyrics of popular music

Really though, WHAT is Slought?

Meaningful conversations about the world, happening in a space right under our noses.

Sofarsounds : Live music events you (literally) won't see coming

Embrace the spontaneity.

Back to School 2.0 : Playlist

Fancy seeing you here.

The Definitive Uber Pregame Playlist

“Do you have an aux cord?”

A PSA to those who like music: follow us on SoundCloud

Get your head out of your butt and follow our soundcloud.

Sex Playlist: #Bangers for Banging

These songs are the key to your sexcess

​OH WONDER INTERVIEW: Redefining Approaches to Music

How this duo went from being virtually unknown to having 123K followers on SoundCloud in a year.

Music Blogs: what to follow and why

Because you're never not on the internet.

Blizzard Playlist

because what else are you doing

Back to Penn Playlist: DIY frat party

First week back, pump up the jams.

Greek Beats: Get-Through-Rush Playlist

Because we know you need motivation!
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