Street caught up with emo-scenesters the Juliana Theory following their stint at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City on July 18. The Latrobe, Pennsylvania (Rolling Rock vs. Yuengling) based rawkers are currently criss-crossing the country offering fans a sneak preview of material off their soon-to-be released third album. We sat down with guitarist Joshua Kosker to ask him a few questions concerning all things kosher. Juliana Theory's third full-length album Love is due out October 22 on Epic/Sony. Oh, and a word of advice, they're not going to play "This Is Not a Love Song," no matter how many times you beg "pretty please."

Ross: What's been in the CD player on the tour van?

Joshua: A lot of metal and underground stuff I've never really heard of before. You see, it's up to our tour manager, Chuck, to decide what music gets played while driving, seeing as how he is in charge of about 97.3% of the driving. You drive, you listen to whatever your little heart desires.

What's your favorite album of the last 6 months?

Incubus -- Morning View.

With album title choices like Emotion Is Dead versus Love was the irony intentional?

To be quite honest, I don't know. I play guitar. I don't come up with the "ironic" album titles, but that's a great observation. Do you think it was intentional? Your guess is as good as mine.

You hail from Latrobe, PA -- got any Philly love?

Of course. I think the feeling's mutual.

Philly vs. New York-- who wins?

Is this a trick question? Hmm... eenie meenie miney mo... uhh... Philly???

What direction are you heading in with Love?

I would say we've headed in a more mature direction with this album. We've cut out any and all bubblegum elements, and replaced them with a heavier edge. The overall product is much less processed, and more natural sounding.

What was it like making the jump from Tooth and Nail Records to Epic?

It was like removing the little dick from our asses and stuffing a bigger one in. In all seriousness, though, it was a relatively easy decision to make... almost as easy as flipping a coin.

Favorite cover to play live?

We don't play covers. But way back in my first band, Noisome, we used to play Screeching Weasel's "Hey Suburbia" all the time. I love that song.

What are you planning on doing to promote the new album?

I plan on touring my ass off. The rest is up to everyone else.