What's hotter than four single women trolling for men in Manhattan? Lesbians. Every Sunday, Showtime brings you The L Word, a voyeuristic look into the lives of a group of lesbian, bisexual and bicurious women looking for love in Los Angeles.

Jenny, a straight and doe-eyed writer, is living with her perfect boyfriend Tim when the season begins. She is soon seduced by Marina, the exotic owner of the local coffee shop. Then there's Bette -- a workaholic -- and her stay-at-home partner, Tina, who are trying to have a baby. Tennis pro Dana is stuck in the closet while heartbreaker Shane is just trying to get a piece of ass. Alice, a journalist, is writing about vagina rejuvenation (we're still not sure how that works) and documenting the six degrees of sexual separation. They're sexy, they're stylish, they're successful -- they're not your high school gym teachers.

The L Word neither treats its characters' sexuality as the butt of every joke, nor is it the focus of every episode. The show gives a new perspective on both friendship and romance, and it provides a sexy take on conventional plotlines. The characters and their relationships are realistic and the issues they encounter are ones that anyone -- male, female, hetero or homosexual -- can identify with. On top of all that, it's impossible to overstate just how hot the show is. It's so hot, in fact, you might want to watch it alone. Though you may be sad about losing your Sunday Sex fix, fear not. The L Word has enough girl on girl action to keep everyone happy.


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